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Valet Manager POS

Fully Featured

Our fully featured Point of Sale features a customizable ticketing and checkout process as well as integrated scheduling, messaging, time tracking, and on-demand reporting

Auto Generate Shift Reports

Employee shifts are tracked  and submitted to the back office. In addition various other reports are available for operations.

Time Tracking

Track employee timings using checking/checkout process enfored using biometric validation

SMS Integration

Customers can now request pickups via SMS which will show up on the POS for attendant attention

Hotel Module

Integerated module to validate hotel customers and generate monthly invoices

Mobile Checkin

Our attendant mobile application extends the reach of the POS and enable efficient check-in of customers using a mobile device.  The device can also help conduct inventory audits with its integrated bar-code scanner and process payment at checkout.

Our mobile platform can also be used to manage parking operations for large event based applications.

Monthly Scheduling System

Say Goodbye to the Whiteboard

Monthly customers can use our patented integrated monthly scheduling system to view and manage schedules in the garage

SMS Integration

Monthly customer can schedule their pickups using SMS/TXT

Customer Management

Management of monthly customers can be done on premise using the monthly management module which integrates with the POS allowing convenient management of operations by the operations management

Advertisements & Announcements

Advertisements or announcements can be displayed on the monthly touchscreen and are centrally managed from the back office

Management Console

Your Complete BI Platform

Real-Time Dashboards

Get live view of the status of all your garages including daily/monthly/yearly overview of revenue and transactions

View Every Transaction

The Valet Manager platform rigorous audit of each transaction and makes it available to the back office for inspection and analysis

Customizable Reports

Over a dozen canned reports come out of the box which include End of Day, Shift, Payroll, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Reports. Additional customized reports can be provided based on need

Manage Rate Cards

Comprehensive ability to generate unlimited rate card scenarios, which can be applied at the garage level, system level, or anything in between. Options include overnight, early bird, special events (etc.)

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