Transform Your Parking Operations

Valet Manager offers a complete end-to-end platform for your parking operations unlike other systems which are fragmented and expensive.

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Our Solutions

Valet Manager is the first cloud-based parking management platform that meets all of your operational needs.

Integrated Architecture

Say goodbye to disparate systems required to manage operations of your garage. Our platform integrates transient, monthly, customer, mobile, and hotel operations making it easy for you to serve your customers and eliminate theft.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our integrated reporting platform provides a holistic view of your operations providing numerous customizable reports and real-time analytics that drive deep insights. Furthermore our reporting stands ready to take on the most detailed audit requirements.

Commercial Grade Hardware

Our systems are based on affordable commercial grade and built to last repetitive use from demanding parking service environments without the burden of large capital expenditures.

Third Party integrations

We provide integrations with various existing coupon vendors, validation services and accounting backend systems.

Remote Operations Management

Operations teams can view in real-time dashboards showing various metrics about their garages, manage employee hours, customer information, administer coupons and rates, as well as a host of other management functions.

Low Cost

We have designed our systems to be efficient using advances in cloud technology to bring significant cost savings to our customers.

We Rethought Everything

Get instant efficiencies across the board

Integrated Architecture

Having disparate or siloed systems to service different types of customers lead to inefficiencies in operations especially in revenue reconciliation.

Our integrated platform serves your transient, monthly, self-park and hotel customers allowing you to spend more time with your customers instead of reconciling data

Comprehensive Reporting

At Valet Manager we understand the multitude of reports that are required to effectively manage operations and alleviate all audit needs.  We have completely automated a customizable report set and removed the hours of manual paperwork previously required to manage operations.  Our systems have been proven to eliminate theft and instill confidence with garage owners and operators.

We have the most comprehensive reporting platform that goes well beyond anything available today in the industry.

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Commercial Grade Hardware

Our platform is delivered on industry-leading components that promise year over year dependability even in the most demanding environments.

Our hardware provides the ability to easily updated and configured incorporating the latest technologies including mobile integration and EVM based credit card processing

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Third Party Integration

Having the ability to integrate with external systems and third party systems is essential in today’s market.  Our platform provides integrations with various coupon and reservation providers. In addition the platform can integrate with external business intelligence and accounting systems with ease.

Remote Operations Management

Remotely manage your employees, garages, rate cards, and monthly customer information. For example take advantage of our cloud infrastructure to make system configuration changes such as rate cards instantly or use our ad platform to remotely manage advertisements to be shown in garage.

We aim to provide owners and operators the tools to administer their properties in real-time without the bottlenecks of relying on third parties to make changes.

Client Service is Everything to Us

Unlike other transportation technology companies, we treat our customers like clients.  We take pride in being a true partner and trusted advisor capable of understanding specific issues and delivering measureable results quickly. Our client base of large regional, national, and international parking operators consistently attest to our flawless execution and superior service.